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A Custom Internet Lead System For Final Expense Telesales

You want to sell or have tried to sell final expense over the phone, but there are a few common issues preventing most people from doing that and having success:

You need a TON of leads

You need a dailer and lots of unique phone numbers and area codes

People don't trust you (because its over the phone)

(and most importantly) NO ONE ANSWERS THE DAMN PHONE!

It has taken me many months to perfect but as of April 2021 I have finally launched the final expense telesales version of my lead system that addresses all of these issues.

Through great online ads and a series of unique questions, you are able to generate leads each and every day during the exact hours you specify that;

Will be ready to answer the phone when you call (and in some cases call you directly)

Will have less reservation about doing the process over the phone


You will not need any special software, dialers, extra phone numbers or area codes. Literally just using your cell phone is sufficient.

You will not need to generate a crazy number of leads. Because the leads are anticipating a call, with just a handful of leads each day you will be able to get sales.

If you sell over the phone and are licensed in multiple states, this is the ideal system for you. Read more below to understand everything that is included and know in advance that I can provide references to agents using my platform for telesales. Contact me using the form at the bottom of the page or by calling (800) 717-3915.

I am a one man operation that has been providing Final Expense Internet leads to agents since 2014. What I will create for you allows you to control your own marketing and costs and the setup is very fast. You can be generating your own leads in under 7 days from the time of ordering!.

Everything That You Get

A Facebook business page with your own unique name that you choose and a matching .com landing page website

Full setup of your own Facebook ads account that you will have 100% ownership of from day one

Full build out and integration of my custom telesales ads and questionnaire done in many different looks and formats (video ads, image ads etc) so that you will have all of the ads you need to run this as long as you want

Personal training in online marketing and I will fully integrate everything for you to begin using your system right away. If you have a CRM I can have your leads automatically populated into it.

Full ownership of everything. You own the leads, the advertising accounts and your data. You will be able to make business decisions based off the data from your advertising accounts. You will know what it costs to generate a real lead from someone in Town A or State B and you can analyze all of that to have a much more efficient bottom line for your business.

No geographic or selling restrictions. Generate leads anywhere in the USA at any time. You can provide leads to other agents in your organization at cost, for a profit or as part of an incentive program. The system is 100% yours and you can use the leads in any way.

I handle all domain, hosting, and SSL services free for 1 year ($10 a month after 1 year).

3 Months of Unlimited Ad Creation and Training. I will work with you as much as needed to get your account completely optimal for your way of doing business and have you trained and able to use the platform yourself. You will have my office phone, cell phone and email so you can contact me any time. If more time is needed, we will make a very fair and agreed upon rate for whatever services are needed.

The cost is $2,500 and turnaround time is 7 days or less.

If you want to know to more about the process that happens after you purchase your lead system, please click this link.

Thank you for your interest, Lee
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